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Joannes Urban Pantry

I've always enjoyed farmer's markets, tables laden with Ontario produce and small jars of farmer's preserves.  Years ago when a farmer's market opened close to home I signed up, offering some of my husband's, family's preserves.  Recipes inspired by their years of living in and around North Bay, Ontario.  The market was an enjoyable, successful venture so I left my corporate career as a fashion buyer and created, Joanne's Urban Panty.  

That was in 2014

Today I use both canning and fermentation methods to create simple, flavourful preserves.

Sitting next to my Northern Ontario Pickles and Chili Sauce you will find an ever changing seasonal offering of low sugar Fruit Jams, Jellies and 'World' preserves like my Indian Pickle, Moroccan Lemons, Fermented Pickles and Hot Sauces

My formal training are the chef certificates I have earned from George Brown College and Liaison Culinary College.  However I never stop experimenting and learning.

I work with tested recipes and techniques that have been passed down for generations, updating and adapting them to today's food safety standards, food trends and diets.  


My products are free of artificial additives and are low in salt.  My low sugar Jams are lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.  I use natural pectin from fruit, especially lemons to thicken my jams. My products are created without the use of high sugar commercial pectins.

I am sensitive to food diets, allergies and intolerances and I hold a current National Food Safety Certificate, (food handlers).  My products are made by hand in my own inspected kitchen.

I hope you enjoy.

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