Joannes Urban Pantry

 Joanne's Urban Pantry was created out of my passion for preserving Ontario Produce.

 I use both canning and fermentation methods to create simple, flavourful preserves.

 I have extensive culinary training from both George Brown College and Liaison Culinary  College  and work with recipes and techniques that have been passed down for  generations, adapting them to today's food safety standards and food trends and diets.  


 My products are free of artificial additives and are low in salt.  My low sugar Jams are  lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar or honey.  I use natural pectin from fruit to  thicken my jam. My products are created without the use of high sugar commercial  pectins.

 I am sensitive to food diets, allergies and intolerances and I hold a current National  Food Safety Certificate.  My products are made by hand in a commercial kitchen.