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Hot Garlic Dills $14.00 1L

Dill Pickles $14.00 1L

Bread & Butter $10-500ml

Pickled Beets $8-500 ml

Pickled Beets $13.00 1L

Dilly Carrots $8-500ml

Cowboy Candy $10-500ml

Red Pepper Jelly $8-250ml

Chili Sauce 350ml $10

Chunky Chili Sauce $12 500ml

Classic Hot Sauce $12

Hot Mango Chutney 9$-250ml 

Pickled Jalapeno $10

Fermented Habanero

Hot Sauce $12

Cocktail Onions $10




Heading 2

Ploughman pickled onions $12

Preserved Meyer Lemons $12

All of our Jams are low sugar made with organic cane sugar and lemon.  We do not use high sugar commercial pectins in our jam. Shelf life is one year from the date made and once opened, refrigerate and consume in two month 

Regular jam $8.00 Organic $9




about the preserves

All of the Jams are low sugar and sweetened with organic cane sugar or honey 

Your jam will be perfect for one year stored in your pantry away from heat, (once opened) due to the low sugar content you should eat within two months.

Pickles and chutneys have a shelf life of two years.

Hot sauces are either fermented or have a small amount of vinegar and should be refrigerated with a shelf life of 12 months.  

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